Accidential Scarring Attorneys

Attorney Fredrick Freibott and his team of personal injury attorneys and legal professionals vigorously represent many victims who are left scarred or disfigured from another’s negligence.  In addition to compensatory damages, when the scarring is disfiguring and the party responsible acted egregiously in creating the situation that gave rise to the scarring, you may be entitled to punitive damages.

Accidents often leave victims with permanent injuries, including scarring and disfigurement. At a minimum, scars and disfigurement are embarrassing. They are even more so if they are visible when a person is wearing clothing. Nevertheless, even a small scar or other residual injury can cause suffering. For some accident victims, disfigurement affects their ability to get a job and enjoy their lives.

If the victim has scarring or disfigurement on an area of the body that is visible when clothed, such as the face, neck, or hands, a jury likely will perceive greater harm than if scarring is located on the victim’s back or stomach. Similarly, insurance adjusters and juries are more likely to perceive that a young woman has suffered greater damage from scarring or disfigurement than a man with the same injuries.

However, beyond visible scarring, non visible scarring can cause skin to become inflexible. Similarly, scar tissue at a joint and the increased width of skin in that area can result in loss of mobility. Scarring can also cause reduced or eliminated nerve sensitivity and psychological and emotional distress. Other intangible damages that can result from severe scarring or disfigurement are a person’s ability to develop romantic relationships, friendships, establish strong self-esteem, and enjoy recreational activities.