Expert Auto Accident Attorneys

According to the Delaware State Police, in 2012 Delaware saw more than 21,200 traffic accidents. While this may not seem like much in comparison to the 658,000 licensed drivers and nearly nine billion miles driven, a car accident in Delaware can have very serious, even life altering, consequences.

When you are involved in an automotive accident in Delaware, it is critical to secure legal assistance right away. This may help to avoid major consequences, such as losing your license or having to pay significant damages to the other parties in a vehicle accident. Even if you feel you may have been partially at fault in an accident, securing an attorney can uncover critical information that will help you in your case.

What To Do After An Auto, RV or Boating Accident Injury

In addition to car and truck accidents, numerous accidents have been logged involving RV’s and boats in the State of Delaware. Regardless of which vehicle your accident case involves, you should contact one of the experienced attorneys at The Freibott Law Firm. Our team can help direct you to information you may need to gather.  In many cases, our team can “take point” in contacting authorities, insurance organization and others on your behalf.

See a Medical Professional and Diagnose Any Injuries

Most of the accidents caused by motor vehicles lead to injury. Seek medical attention immediately. Sometimes, what may seem to be a minor injury can manifest itself into something greater and be possibly life threatening months or years down the road. A professional opinion regarding your injury may be critical to your case.

Develop a Written Statement of Your Recollection of Events

In traumatic events, like car accidents, memories have been known to degrade faster than other memories. Writing down a recounting of events surrounding the accident should be done sooner than later. You don’t need to share this statement with anyone other than your attorney. This written statement will help to retain a confident version of the events as you go through your legal case. The written statement will also protect you from accidentally making contradictory statements, or simply forgetting details due to the stress of the event.

Help Establish that You Are a Safe Driver

In general, when there is a motor vehicle accident, it is complicated because of the involvement of multiple parties. The term “comparative negligence” is used in Delaware law to help demonstrate what percentage of responsibility you have in the accident. You need to be less than HALF responsible for the accident to collect any benefits or damages from the other party. This percentage is also used to calculate the amount of money you can receive from insurance companies.

Accidents While at the Mall, Supermarket, or Grocery Store

One of the most common places to experience an injury are in parking lots. Many fender benders may seem minor, but they still result in small claims cases that can cost you money and time.

Furthermore, research has shown that auto accidents at low speeds of 5 miles per/hour can result in whiplash and other trauma injuries to the neck and back. Treat small accidents seriously and be cautious when navigating parking lots especially at night.

Car Accident Liability in Delaware

If you have suffered an injury from a car accident that has affected your ability to work, you may be entitled to damages including up to 100% of your lost wages. Contact one of our attorneys specializing in automotive accidents for a free consultation to determine benefits and compensation to which you may be entitled.