Lost Income Due To Personal Injury

The personal injury lawyers at the Friebott Law Firm are prepared to zealously negotiate and litigate to obtain the maximum value for your loss of wages. Aside from seeking justice with respect to someone who has harmed you, the most important part of any injury claim or settlement is the monetary value of your damages. That is, what do your injuries and losses translate into in terms of dollars?

Although victims often receive compensation for accident related medical treatment and pain and suffering, lost income is an important component of your compensation for your injuries.  The person responsible for the accident is liable to you for any income you have lost because of the accident.  For example, you might be physically unable to work or miss time at work because you were undergoing treatment for your injuries. You may have also lost opportunities to make additional income. It is harder to prove you lost income by missing a job interview or a sales meeting, than showing you lost income by missing actual work  Insurance adjusters know that lost potential income is a valid part of your claim and may increase your compensation award if you can provide evidence of that lost income opportunity and the amount of your loss.