Have you been a victim in a car, truck or motorcycle accident in the State of Delaware? You may not know it, but you have legal rights under the State of Delaware laws. Have you been hurt or injured in a casino, mall, retail store, hotel, restaurant, gym or any other public place in Delaware? Are you working in Delaware and suffered an injury while you were working? Did you have a preexisting condition that worsened after an accident?

If your answer is yes to any of the above, then you may be entitled to compensation for medical bills, lost wages, repair to property damage due to the accident and or physical and emotional pain and suffering, under the Delaware personal injury law. Our personal injury attorneys are experienced in Delaware law and can help determine the financial value of your claim and make all responsible parties accountable.

At The Freibott Law Firm, P.A., our Wilmington Delaware personal injury lawyers provide skilled legal representation to injured people and their families throughout all of Delaware including; Newark, Middletown, Dover, Milford, Harrington, Georgetown and the Delaware beaches. With over 50 years of combined legal experience, our Delaware personal injury attorneys have a proven track record of handling auto accident cases, workers’ compensation cases and wrongful death claims. We have an experienced legal team with litigation experience and a history of getting our clients results. Contact The Freibott Law Firm, P.A. today, for a FREE consultation to determine how we can get you the compensation you deserve.


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Rita Bell
Rita Bell
21:06 23 Jan 19
Highly recommended! Best service from a law firm ever!! Glad I made the switch!!!read more
Edge of Cinema Cinema
Edge of Cinema Cinema
16:03 15 Oct 18
We recently worked with the Freibott Law Firm on a series of commercials and testimonial videos. While shooting these videos we got to know Fred and his staff, a very friendly and professional team. We also got to hear the testimonials of many satisfied clients who were represented in injury cases and awarded. If I am ever injured, I'll be calling Fred.read more
Charles Heaton
Charles Heaton
15:01 09 Jun 18
They treated me like a priority and made me feel super supported. If you get in an accident they are the ones to call! A+ 5 star service here. They did an amazing job and i couldnt be happier. Easy and Fast results or thats how it felt for me Thanks So Much guys Susan & Jess especially they were soooo amazing super nice.read more
cleo harmon
cleo harmon
20:39 10 Nov 17
I would like to acknowledge the Freibott Law Firm for their exemplary experience and professionalism. They have shown me personal care at a most difficult time in my life. A firm such as this makes the challenges of obtaining a lawyer more bearable.Attorney Freibott and his enitre team has demonstrated the personal and professional support that I needed. If anyone discovers that he/she may need legal assistance, certainly, do not hesitate to contact the Freibott Law Firm.Lastly, I can assure you that they will handle your personal concerns with respect, confidentiality, wisdom, efficiency and kindness.Sincerely, A very satisfied clientread more
Kimberly Elkey
Kimberly Elkey
00:54 07 Nov 17
I can’t give enough thanks to the Freibott Law Firm. In March of 2016 I was involved in an automobile accident. I was referred to the Freibott team by the chiropractor I was seeing at the time. They are a fantastic group of people who care about the clients they serve. They made the case hassle free, which was very appreciated, I had just lost my husband ( who would normally have been my ‘rock’ ) and was very vulnerable. They made everything so much easier to take care of. From the medical bills to the settlement, the Freibott team took care of it. Thank you so very much!Kimberly E.read more
01:02 10 Apr 19
Mr Freibott and his staff are simply amazing. They’re willing to assist and answer any questions to make the legal jargon understandable. Just a great team to have on your side.read more
zues alice
zues alice
18:25 12 Apr 19
They took good care of me and answered all my questions they keep me updated and at the end they got me what I deserved....great job..I hope nothing esle happens to me again but if it does you kno where I'm goingread more
Jamie Bauer
Jamie Bauer
12:48 16 Apr 19
I cant enough great things about this law firm. I really appreciated the communication and dedication every step of the way. The staff was kind and understanding as well as very efficient. It felt really good having such a great team back me up during such a trying time. Thank you for all you've done for me! Highly recommend!!!!read more

All Personal Injury Lawyers in Delaware Are Not the Same

If you were involved in a slip and fall accident, a medical malpractice lawyer, although considered a personal injury lawyer, may not be the best person for the case. The term “personal injury” is an umbrella term for various types of accident cases that can occur in many different places. Each type of personal injury case has particular Delaware laws that govern time limits for filing claims, the type of compensation you can receive, and certain additional benefits you may be awarded. Make sure when you select a personal injury attorney to represent you in your case that they have experience in handling your type of case.

Today, many legal battles are settled outside of the courtroom. In certain cases, this can be best for both parties. If your case makes it to the litigation phase and ultimately to trial and if the attorney you are working with has little or no experience in the courtroom, you may not be awarded everything to which you are entitled. The Freibott Law Firm, has experienced litigators on staff that can handle your case and get you everything you are entitled to whether you chose to settle or to go to trial.

I am so appreciative for all you have done for me. Hats off to Fred and his great team! – Jerome C.


Mr. Freibott and Staff:  The best blessings in life are people like you.  Thank you! – B.D. and T.P..


I appreciate all that you do for me. I had no idea what to expect when I called your office and it has been such a wonderful experience. – Najamah N.


I am so happy with your office and refer everyone to you! I am so pleased with your office! – Brandon Z.


To say that I am grateful for everything you have done for me is an understatement.   Thank you for helping me get to where I was able to have my surgery, which appears to be a success!  I am no longer experiencing the constant pain in my leg.  Both my family and I are much happier! –  Archie F.


I am so grateful for all you have done for me. I do not have a lot and the money the put you put in my pocket is a real big deal to me and I am blessed to have come to you. – Ursula M.


Whenever I had a question or was worried about my case, your office was always there to assist me and help me. I am very happy with everything you did for me and I think your office is the best! – Deborah R.


Before I retained your office, I googled your firm and was impressed with the positive comments. Now that I have retained you, I agree with those comments! Your firm has a great reputation out there! – Gordon H.

I deeply appreciate all that you have done for me and I would recommend anyone to your office. I love that I can lean on your office when I am not sure what to do or when I have any questions. – Paul V.

Thank you so much. I’m still in a lot of pain but you all have helped so much. I love working with your law firm. – Lakera J.

I want to thank you again for all you did for me between August 4, the date of my auto accident, and now. I really appreciate your work and friendship during that time; you made things easy for me! I was not completely together, and your patience was very kind. I had complete confidence in your attention to detail and the care that you showed me, and I appreciate it so much. – Allison R.

I would recommend the Freibott Law Firm to everyone! They have taken such good care of me. It’s so hard to find someone to trust! I have such high praise for everyone there! – Letitia S.

You and the Freibott team are awesome! I have told many of friends about your firm. I am blessed to have the Freibott Firm at such a difficult time and I do not take it for granted!

Many, many thanks to all of you and the wonderful job that you do. Each and every one of you are appreciated by me!!! – C.H.


I am so grateful for your help. Everyone at your firm is awesome! My coworkers who have current or past claims have had other attorneys that they cannot get a hold of for weeks and they are always so frustrated! I was never frustrated as you always returned my calls quickly! – James Z.


I would just like to wish all of you at the Freibott Firm a very “Merry Christmas!”

Thank you for your service and for being the best law firm around!!! – Cleo H.


You are all wonderful and I very much appreciate everything you do for me! – Nadine L.


Fred-I am really happy with you and your firm. You are one in a million! – Freddie R.


Thank you for fighting so hard for me.  You are awesome. Thank you for being so caring also.  – Jamie H.


Thank you so much for all of your help through this process. You’ve been amazing and I appreciate it! – Bridget S.



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